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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Printed Photographs are Gifts

“An image in hand can touch your heart more deeply than an image on a computer screen. Printed photographs are gifts.” ~Meredith Wynn I am a strong advocate for getting photographs PRINTED and not leaving them to languish (or eventually disappear) on hard drives, CDs, or memory cards. How long will it be before these […]

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In ways I have yet to discover.

“Try and fail but don’t fail to try.” ~ Steven Kaggwa.     This is a preview of another of my 2013 ventures. I’ve registered and have begun Kim Klassen’s Beyond Layers – a year of art-full inspiration. Thankfully it’s something that is self-paced. It’s something that is more about creativity than anything else and […]

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The lady of the house has been hit hard with the flu for the past week. Hence, why I’ve been visibly absent for much longer than usual. Before I jump in I absolutely must share something with those of you who love a great novel. Remember in my last post (that seems so darn long […]

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Free Hollyhock Seeds, just for you

Free hollyhock seeds — they come with a letter and a story. Here’s how the story goes. Hollyhocks: Photo credit: Knottyboy (at Flickr) Once upon a time there was an avid gardener who was starting her garden from scratch. She had always dreamed of growing a wall of single heritage hollyhocks. In her new garden […]

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