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Yearly Archives: 2012

Who Is Coming to Dinner?

I just read an article that stated the case about dinner parties now being a thing of the past. Really? Say it isn’t so. Now that we have moved out of rural isolation and are again living in a lively urban area, I am thrilled to itty bits to be able to have dinner parties. […]

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like …

We got an inside and outside tree up the other day — funny how that has sparked my Christmas spirit. Yes, you read that correctly — we bought two real fir trees: one for inside and one to put on our deck. The one outside on our deck is the main outdoor lights we have […]

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Night time stroll

I had an urge to dig out some night images from the archives. I have oodles of them but I don’t believe I’ve ever posted one. Silly. Nothing like a nighttime stroll to give you ideas. ~J.K. Rowling I’ve purchased some books on how to watercolour and am finding them far superior to the course […]

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When I posted this Volkswagen earlier today, I didn’t think I’d be online again until after the weekend. After a delivery I received a short time ago, I had to turn the computer on again to add to today’s post. Remember the post in which I talked about ordering a couple items from PosterJack? (the […]

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Don’t Read if you dislike rants

I’m so frustrated. I am taking an online watercolour course and, as much as I want to progress and learn, I am seriously considering quitting. I should have registered in a local in-person class. I had emailed and asked specifically if this was suitable for total beginners explaining I had no experience whatsoever. I was […]

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