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Monthly Archives: November 2012


… found on today’s road trip. “Traveling in the company of those we love is home in motion.” ~ Leigh Hunt I’ll share more of these photos tomorrow and will update you on the watercolour course I’m taking.

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The 11th hour, on the 11th day, of the 11th month

In honour of all soldiers & military personnel, past and present, who fought and saw action due to war. Even those who came back home, are forever changed by the experience. Today I particularly honour two of my family members. My mother who served as a Wren (Women’s Royal Naval Service)  and my Uncle Henry Althouse […]

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A letter from Jack

It was SO windy yesterday! And yes, the water really was that blue — taken during the last of the bright afternoon sunshine In the midst of two extremely full, busy days but thought I’d check in quickly. I’ve signed up for a Watercolour Sketchbook class and it begins today. Oh man, am I ever […]

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the salty truth

I seem to be doing more blog posts than usual these days. That’s likely going to slow down a bit because I’m registering for an art course and my piano lessons start up again right away. A few quick notes before I get too busy to share. Recently a few readers agreed to do a […]

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Simple things = One Really Great Day

I had such a great day today. It honestly began with finishing a fantastic novel ( The help by Kathryn Stocket ) last night and I awoke thinking about it. As we usually do, I made us a cup of cappuccino and we sat in the living room chatting over coffee. We took Pearl & […]

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