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Simple things = One Really Great Day

I had such a great day today. It honestly began with finishing a fantastic novel ( The helpby Kathryn Stocket ) last night and I awoke thinking about it. As we usually do, I made us a cup of cappuccino and we sat in the living room chatting over coffee. We took Pearl & Austin down to the beach for a romp and Pearl was so frisky she cavorted with the waves — and got all wet of course. Hubby decided we should go out for breakfast so we went back to the Sandbar Cafe for another really delicious home made breakfast. The moment we stepped out of the vehicle I inhaled the delicious sea air — what an appetizer for beginning a great day! I had the Eggs Benny today and John had their homemade ham (cut right off the bone in thick slices, as it should be — not from thinly sliced pressed logs) with eggs and toast. I love that they make their own hash browns out of fresh potatoes — not those yukky frozen things.

{ABOVE: This is a photo I took several years ago when visiting Sidney, BC. I was really taken by several of the bronze sculptures in town — all by Nathan Scott (see below) as it turns out. Notice how there are wee little flowers in the ‘fisherman’s’ hands. In conversation today with the artist, he told us his father was the model for this sculpture and that there have been some regulars who keep fresh flowers in his hands. There’s more to the story but it would make this too long.}

Then we went to the Island Arts Expo and saw some truly amazing art and artists. We met and talked to Nathan Scott who is very well known here on the island for his bronze sculptures. We had such an interesting conversation with him. Another pair of artists we found especially interesting, not just for their incredibly unique art work but simply because both ladies were a delight to chat with — Joy Olsen and Zulis Yalte. We ended up spending so much time talking to the artists that we had to do another walk-through to make sure we didn’t forget anything. I did buy a beautifully created mug that is not like anything you will ever see anywhere. It’s hand rolled, carved, and fired. I’ll take a photo of it in the next day or two so you can see it. It’s a genuine work of art. Trouble is, I regret not buying a second one from her — good reason to go visit her gallery one of these days.

We drove back to town then decided to head out in a different direction and drive to Cathedral Grove. We drove into the rain but I couldn’t help but take my camera out anyway. I snapped oodles of photos of pumpkins. You see, here on the island people actually drive out of town or to different public areas and ‘drop off’ their carved pumpkins after Halloween. Some places, such as where we went today, had oodles and oodles of pumpkins lined up along fallen trees, in parking lots, on bridges and bridge approaches — everywhere. It’s kind of fun and must be an island thing because no one ever did such a thing back in Alberta, that’s for sure.

Not wanting the day to end, rather than head straight home once back in town, we drove down to the main beach and strolled along the boardwalk with the dogs. Then we headed back home and ended up eating one of the best meals we’ve had in recent weeks. Isn’t it funny how some meals at home are outstanding while others are not so memorable? We had picked up some chanterelle mushrooms from the farmer’s market yesterday and splurged on some homemade spinach fettuccine there as well. I had some pork chops marinating so John BBQ’d them while I made a fragrant sambuca cream sauce out of the chanterelles and then added the spinach fettuccine. Today was full of simple things yet, added up, the entire day was so amazingly special. I’m still on a high. So much to be grateful for.

What was the best part of your weekend?

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Still and All - November 7, 2012 - 12:06 pm

That sounds like such a magnificent day — the kind I enjoy too. Great food, beautiful art and artists, a drive into natural beauty, being with your dogs etc. etc. Can life get any better? And that is something about the pumpkins — never heard that one before. OK so now I’m anxiously awaiting the picture of your new mug!