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Monthly Archives: November 2012


When I posted this Volkswagen earlier today, I didn’t think I’d be online again until after the weekend. After a delivery I received a short time ago, I had to turn the computer on again to add to today’s post. Remember the post in which I talked about ordering a couple items from PosterJack? (the […]

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Don’t Read if you dislike rants

I’m so frustrated. I am taking an online watercolour course and, as much as I want to progress and learn, I am seriously considering quitting. I should have registered in a local in-person class. I had emailed and asked specifically if this was suitable for total beginners explaining I had no experience whatsoever. I was […]

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My postcards have arrived! Not only did I receive 2 more postcards from two of the participants in the swap but the postcards I ordered with my own images on them just arrived. I’m beyond thrilled at how great they turned out. The first image shows some of the postcards that arrived as a result […]

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Two for One

I couldn’t help myself. I had to do two blog posts today. That last one was so boring long and really it was mostly housekeeping plus a peek at my attempt at art. This one is full of excitement. Remember those images I did of the Trumpeter swans the other day? They turned out to […]

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A letter from me to you

All right. I realize this coming weekend is Thanksgiving for those of you in the USA. I tend to forget unless I’m online where the marketing machine is rampant. You see, here in Canada we had Thanksgiving over a month ago and it’s so far behind us now. I wish to send all of you […]

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I have more photos of the Trumpeter Swans we encountered on Wednesday’s road trip. Today I’ve played around with the images a bit. Normally, other than the occasional adjustment on contrast or perhaps on the brightness, I tend to offer up my images as they are. I’ll explain what I’ve done to the ones I’ve […]

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