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Monthly Archives: October 2012

I Forgot to Tell You …

About the young senior couple (oh about 60-ish or so) who were so wonderfully in love. While sitting two rows behind them at the Michelle Wright concert. He had his arm around her shoulders and would sometimes hug her close while the singer sang. They would look at one another from time to time, obviously […]

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“When the waves roll on over the waters And the ocean cries We look to our sons and daughters To explain our lives As if a child could tell us why That as sure as the sunrise As sure as the sea As sure as the wind in the trees We rise again in the […]

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Wonderful Wednesday

Do you remember the post I did not too long ago mentioning the kind-hearted [read: huge heart] Sherry Galey? She is the generous person whose project Sparks of Grace postcards she created specifically to raise funds for a local hospice / palliative care facility that is near to her heart. We have corresponded a few […]

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Lately I have

Lately I have: attended my first ever concert (my concert virginity was broke by attending the Michelle Wright concert and it was an amazing night!) begun to wrap myself in my soft, comforting sweaters visited a consignment clothing store and bought two pretty sweaters at a huge bargain — they’re a perfect fit and I […]

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Words to Shoot By

I’m so excited and really quite surprised. Several weeks ago I entered 3 images for an open call for photographs. It’s rare that Words to Shoot By has open calls for photographs but when I read the call, I thought what the heck! I’ll give it a shot. I never heard back so gave it […]

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My Bookmark Rests Between these Pages

So between what pages is your bookmark resting? One of the great things about reading is the ability to travel to places, experience other cultures, and learn about other lives. I remember someone once said she calls it “theater for the mind” and that is so true. When someone asks me what my favourite book […]

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