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New Toy

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What’s of note isn’t so much that this is a dog with a toy or that each eye is a different colour. What is more unique is that Pearl normally really dislikes toys. And if toys squeak, it makes her crazy. She thinks it’s something dying — as in some living thing crying out in pain or agony. She will approach the squeaky toy with caution, carefully pick it up, and then whine and whimper as she looks for a safe place to hide it.

So we finally had to get rid of all squeaky toys in the house. A knotted rope or a bouncy Kong, however, don’t make noise so she’s okay with that. She’s just as happy carrying around an old piece of towel. Dogs (and kids) really don’t need a whole room or house full of toys — the simplest things are the best I find.

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Ellen Kelly - March 20, 2012 - 7:33 pm

Love the picture, Diane. Hope you are happily taking pictures where you have settled. Take care.

Kelly @ DTTDidc - March 21, 2012 - 6:51 am

Such a fantastic photo of Pearl – she’s such a beautiful dog 🙂 We have a couple of ropes and a Kong for our dogs. But they prefer to carry shoes & socks around the house. I keep finding shoes on the bed, which grosses me out – especially when the shoes are actually the boots I wear at the dog park and probably stepped in all sorts of pee & poop residue! YUCK! Lately they’ve upgraded to pants – yesterday I found a pair of hubby’s sweatpants out on the deck. What’s up with that?!