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Where Have All the Photos Gone?

Some of you already know that I discontinued my Facebook account a few months ago. What a huge relief that was! But I have been thinking of doing more purging and have not come to any clear decisions.

One thing I have done, is to remove nearly all my photos from this blog. I will post an occasional photo now and then but will likely remove them after a short time. If you’re wondering why, I’ll try to explain.

One reason is because of how my photos are showing up on searches. Although I only load low resolution photos, my photos are still ‘making the rounds’ and I’m afraid Google and Bing are accommodating folks quite nicely (for them, not for me). It was also brought to my attention about a month or two ago that when people search my name, some of my photos come up as a search result, including some real old ones that I’m not particularly pleased with (they are ones I deleted quite a long time ago as my work progressed and improved) — and others that I simply prefer they not be circulated. The Internet bots have likely picked them all up anyway, but perhaps if they disappear for long enough, the bots will forget about little ol’ me. So that’s the scoop.

I will certainly try to include a photo with most posts though, as I mentioned, I will likely remove them after a week or two to try and avoid having the Internet bots picking them up and broadcasting them.



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