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Yearly Archives: 2011

Aloha from Oahu

So I’m back and wouldn’t you know it, I proceeded to have some medical issues. The worst part of that is not having a family doctor and no way of being diagnosed, let alone getting treated. Great health care system isn’t it? I’m finally beginning to work my way back to normal so thought I’d […]

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Closed for Vacation: Will Return Soon

I have always loved those signs that small business owners put on their doors when they head off on vacation. I don’t have a photo of one, or I’d have used that instead. Yes, finally I am getting a vacation. Sure I get away to Edmonton a few weekends during the year but that is […]

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Coffee, Tea and the Environment

As most of you are aware, I write a weekly newspaper column dedicated to simple things each of us can do to reduce our impact on the environment, “Everyday Earth Wise”. Once it has been in print, the newspaper archives each column online. Since coffee and tea are such common hot beverages that most North […]

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Alberta Winter

One thing about living in Alberta, the winters may be cold but the sun shines! I received a lovely note in the mail today. Serge Gouraud had contacted me about a year ago wanting to purchase or license one of my photographs. Today he wanted me to see the launch of his new website, complete […]

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365 Project is Well Received

My 365 project appears to be very well received over at Flickr. I’m now rethinking my original thought to not include my 365 project here in my photo journal. Even though this is my business photo journal, I am now considering including some of my 365 images here. It concerns me because I don’t want […]

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Project 365 Day in the Life

A few days ago, after reading a poignant post over at Shutter Sisters, I made the decision to begin my own 365 project. For the photographers who pop by and visit here, you’ll all know what a 365 project is, but for others here is the simple explanation of what it’s about. A 365 project […]

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