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Do you know your rights as a writer or as an artist? If you are not a writer, illustrator, photographer, artist, musician, do you know how NOT to infringe on those rights?


I’ve written posts before about photographer’s rights, but as a writer as well, I am amazed at how people give no value at all to the rights of writers. Without professional writers there would be no history books, no newspapers, no news at all, no novels, no books of poetry, no comic books, no children’s books, no textbooks, no how-to books or reference books, no greeting cards, none of it. Protecting, or even enhancing, copyright laws is vital. With the Internet, people have become numb to or choose to be ignorant regarding the rights of the creators of words, photographs, or music. All of these works are created by someone and those “someones” should be compensated for their work, not forced to work for free.

Even if you know nothing about copyright — in fact, especially if you know nothing about copyright — this very short video puts copyright issues in very simple and easy-to-understand terms. I urge you to please watch it, understand its importance, and support the copyright of writers and artists of all venues. Please.

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For those who may not have seen my original post on “Posting Photos Online”, it deals with every person who posts photos on the Internet, whether it’s Facebook, Flickr, or other venues.

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Tanya De Leeuw - February 15, 2011 - 3:34 pm

Thanks for this info … spreading the word!

Don - February 15, 2011 - 8:23 pm

A fine video that makes a solid appeal for “fair reward” for copied materials in the schools. I noted recently that college and university applications have been flooded
with essays that contain “lifted” excerpts they attempt to graft in. A new service with a huge data base ferrets out the excerpted parts and reports to the involved school. Those applicants are rejected automatically. Copying and literally stealing other’s creative production must be fought at every level. I liked your post very much.