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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Photographic Art with a Rural Theme

A few images from earlier this year. Since so many of my recent posts are wildlife or horses, I thought I’d shake it up with a little something different although all three are in a rural theme. I hope you enjoy. For those who are interested in my weekly environment column. Here is a link […]

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Horses in Art

{Have you missed my recent photos? Books and several wildlife photos have been my  most recent contributions.} I’ve loved horses my entire life and now that I don’t have horses anymore, my attention instead is focused on photographing them. Horses are particularly well suited for fine art photography, which is a direction I’ll be focusing […]

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I Heart Reading

I definitely recommend this novel whether for yourself or as a gift, Resistance by Anita Shreve Who are your favourite heroes (heroines) in fiction? This is one of the questions posed by CBC in their version of Proust’s Questionnaire. One day I would love to play the questionnaire and respond to each question. In the […]

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Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep, part 2

I was fortunate to get these even though they’re not top quality. It was getting quite dark so I had to pump up my ISO plus I didn’t have a long enough zoom with me either. They sure are majestic animals. I’d much rather see wildlife in-the-wild like this than kept in a zoo. ~ […]

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Dogs Take Over the Opening of this post

(okay, so I get desperate for titles!) … Our aging Springer Spaniel Maggie had surgery on her eye this week. Good old Pearl went immediately into protection mode the moment I brought Maggie home from the animal hospital. That was a few days ago and all is well and normal again. (This photo is neither […]

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Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, a pictorial

I took these a few weeks ago on a trip through Jasper National Park. Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep are frequently seen through the snowfields in the mountains. In winter they are often seen licking salt applied to the roads so caution must be taken in areas where they frequent to avoid killing them. I know […]

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