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How Can I Help You? :: Grande Prairie Custom Photographer

What can I do for YOU? If you’ve been following me for a while, you are aware that I try my best to keep this photo journal focused on my business, with a few personal tidbits tossed in from time to time. In addition to announcing news and promotions, posting client sneak peeks, and showing some of my boutique products, I’ve been trying to share some advice or information about photographs, photography in general, plus some everyday environmental tips (my other passion). I try to give information that will help you organize or display your own photos or those you get from a pro photographer. Some topics are more helpful for those with a small business as well. We all have photographs around the home whether we took them ourselves or hired a custom photographer so I would love to know if there are other topics and tips you might like me to share? I do plan to have a post very soon on how to display your photos in your home or office and have another one planned discussing how not to get burned by hiring an amateur photographer (the ones who tend to hang around Kijiji for instance or who ‘pretend’ to be professionals). But I’m sure there are other topics that would interest you. Do you have a burning question? If you do, I want to hear from you.

For those who don’t follow my Facebook business page, I’m going to take advantage and share some of the tips and helpful information I’ve been sharing over there in the past week or so. It’s a potpourri of information but helpful none-the-less.

  • My environment column from last week’s newspaper is now online for the general public. If you have children/grandchildren who are creative, read about this great opportunity! “Show Robert Bateman the Talent of our Canadian Children.”
  • TIP: Your home snapshots are safest when printed out; don’t leave them on discs or your computer hard drive! Get them printed and, even if they are in photo boxes, you will still have them. For home printing try www.kodakgallery.ca (or www.kodakgallery.com for those in the USA). Fair prices, many specials, prompt service, easy to do, very reasonable shipping, and good quality for home prints.
  • TIP: Selecting a Photographer (don’t be fooled by the cheap prices of amateurs — you get what you pay for).
  • From another of my previous environment columns, “Heritage Seeds are A Green Choice this Spring”.
  • Never use the sticky type of photo albums. Your photos will eventually adhere and will be damaged (not to mention impossible to remove). Pay the small amount more for acid-free photo albums and you will have your snapshots for generations.

I told you this one was a real potpourri of items. So please, I truly would appreciate if you would take a moment to answer the question, “How may I help you?” Let me know what information I can share that will help YOU.

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