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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Pet Photo Contest

Here it is at long last. The pet contest I’ve been writing about but had to delay until today. Since many of you have waited so long, let’s jump right in and get started. Here’s the scoop. ELIGIBILITY: Everyone, no matter where you are located. For this contest “pet” shall refer to a Dog, Cat, […]

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TIPS: Planning a Wedding?

Earlier this week I shared two tips for those are are planning a wedding but I posted them over at Facebook and forgot to share them here! So, for any of you who are planning a wedding or know someone who is planning a wedding in the near future, send them here for these great […]

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Child Photographer :: Grande Prairie, Alberta

Look at this darling red haired little boy I had the pleasure of photographing nearly two weeks ago. And here it is St. Patrick’s Day.  🙂  Toddler R was so well behaved too. He was an incredibly engaging young fellow. If you met his lovely young parents you would understand why he is so well […]

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Waiting to Put it in the Oven

Pork roast and butternut squash I’m busy “waiting to put it in the oven” so I can get that pet contest posted but I’ve encountered a glitch. There are several photographers talking about a ‘new rule’ at Facebook regarding not doing promotions, contests, and such. Apparently they say people can have their account removed from […]

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