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Yearly Archives: 2009

Let the Banners Fly! || Grande Prairie area Photographer

Drum roll!  Announcing the re-launch of my website, Diane Schuller Photography!  There are a few minor issues that I need to work out and a couple additions but, for the most part, I am pleased with the final result. I’m delighted to have a professional space where I can proudly display my work. I also […]

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Honour Your Mother, Every Day

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers. ~Jewish Proverb It’s been two years since my Mom died. I still miss her immensely so tomorrow is not going to be easy for me. She knew she was dying and there was one thing she insisted I take before she died. It was a […]

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When Faced with Alternatives

  ADVICE by Robert Crawford When you are faced with two alternatives Choose both. And should they put you to the test, Tick every box. Nothing is ever single. A seed’s a tree’s a ship’s a constellation. Nail your true colours to this branching mast. Great advice whether in life or in our chosen career […]

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In Awe of Nature

awesome: extremely impressive; in the senses – filled with awe Doesn’t Nature sometimes fill you with awe? (photos of pussy willows taken yesterday May 5, 2009 — spring has arrived north of 55 here in northern Alberta)

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Spring, north of 55

  Whew! That flu or whatever it was that hit me had me down for nearly a week. Nasty. I’ve never had that kind of flu before! As many of you know living up here north of 55, spring comes much later than it does for most of you. This past weekend, a few things […]

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A Fresh Start

Some of you, rightfully so, have convinced me to come clean about this mysterious news I mentioned yesterday. It’s all about a fresh start. I will be re-launching my website with a whole new look! I’m so excited about the vastly improved online presence! It will be a welcoming space where I can proudly display […]

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