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Yearly Archives: 2009


PLEASE NOTE: This was the original reward program. It has now been updated so there is more fairness to both the referral and the person referring. This one is now discontinued for the “new and improved version”! Announcing the launch of my Referral Reward Program As you may or may not know, almost all of […]

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This is Going to be Fun!

I’m so excited! I’m rushing about and wasn’t going to post again until returning from my weekend trip, but I can’t help myself. Yesterday I booked a photo shoot that I am REALLY looking forward to and it’s a surprise to boot! How great is that? I’m going to be shooting a fellow and his […]

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Life’s Sweet Ordinary

There was a time I would never have considered photographing something from a garden or nature, or anything for that matter, that I felt was less-than-perfect in presentation — like this delightful, blousy oriental poppy. Although strongly drawn to its colour, texture, and beauty I would have given it a pass simply because the quack […]

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Camera Slipcovers

A couple months ago Shutter Sisters featured a post about nifty camera straps (recycled seat belts at PhotoJojo) and strap slipcovers (various individuals at Etsy). Today my cyberfriend Junie Moon has shared how she made her own camera slipcovers for hers and her husband’s camera strap. I urge you to check out her post because, […]

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It’s not easy

Sometimes technology is the bane of my existence. I’m not the most tech-savvy person that’s for sure but some things such as ordering prints for clients should not be so difficult. Originally I tried the local labs but found the quality to be inconsistent as well as a few other issues that I won’t get […]

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