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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Final Sneak Peek of 2009 :: Grande Prairie Photographer

Twas the day after Christmas and all across our land, was hoar frost and snow twinkling like diamonds beneath the sunny Alberta skies — and only about 12 below. How often have you read that I love what I do? I know, but I so love this job and most especially because of meeting really […]

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Get Fired Up!

Earlier today I stopped in at my friend Karen’s place to pick up two autographed copies of her most recent novel, Summer of Fire. I have two teenage nieces that we’ll be seeing on Christmas Eve and wanted to have a gift for each of them. I immediately knew I’d give them each a copy […]

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Important Enough to Remember

As a photographer who works with people as well as people and their pets, my focus is on capturing their ‘story’ to provide a recording of that time in their life. I just read an important blog post by another photographer that completely blew me away. PhotoDino’s post entitled, “You Get What You Give” set […]

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Cappuccino at Credo

Every morning I make a fresh cup of cappuccino for my  husband and myself. It’s a ritual we’ve been enjoying for at least 15 years. Each morning we sit with our cappuccino and chat for up to an hour before he heads off to work. Then I make my way to my  home office and […]

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Looking for the Perfect Gift?

Or at least one they won’t return? Custom modern portraiture is the answer. Whatever your story is, Diane Schuller will reveal a chapter in your life through custom images. When you purchase a Diane Schuller photographic session as a gift, the end result will be an invaluable personal work of art for the heart and […]

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City Lights :: Grande Prairie Photographer

This photo was taken last year in Grande Prairie and I didn’t have my tripod with me at the time. Purely hand held straight out of the camera. Not too bad? Just dropping you a quick note to tell you I’m headed to the city for the weekend. I’ll be back Monday. I am so […]

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