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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Autumn in Alberta

I love autumn. I love the angle of the light and how warm and golden it is. I take delight in all the colours as the trees begin their entry into winter. My favourite sounds occur at this time of year (the Canada Geese as they prepare to fly south). The smells of autumn are […]

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Change is often a Good Thing

Folks, I have been so concerned this past week, in particular. I have learned that my website is proving to be difficult to view. To avoid repeating all the specific issues, I’m simply providing a positive update. The company I purchased my photography website through: Portfoliositez is being absolutely amazing! I had sent two urgent […]

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Taking Care of Business

I am finding I need to take a major break from the Internet in an effort to get caught up with my workload and deal with all my responsibilities. I’m also researching other possibilities for client viewing galleries since I’m considering closing down my website (having a great deal of problem with it). This is […]

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What Do You Believe In? … That You Can’t Prove?

I promised to answer that question and, since I’m taking a break from my heavy workload, now is a great time. When I took time to ponder my response, I came up with multiple responses but I’m going to share the response that first came to my mind. I believe in intuition especially mother’s intuition. […]

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CD Covers

Continuing from my previous post, I’m coming through by showing samples of the CD Covers I have been making. As many of you know, I don’t give high resolution photo files on CD (for very good reason). I do offer a low resolution file, not suitable for printing, but ideal for sharing images in blogs, […]

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