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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Busiest Week Ever … so far

Oh my gosh peoples — this has been my busiest week ever photographically speaking. And talk about a wide range of experiences. I can’t yet share many sneak peeks because I must, must, must finish editing one from last week first. It’s interesting sometimes the people I meet. I was exposed to some intriguing people […]

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Classic Cars:: Grande Prairie, Alberta & surrounding areas

I’m trying to finish up editing and adding some artistic touches to the shots from the classic car photo shoot. I’m nearly done and, although I’m saving the best ones for the client’s reveal, I simply had to share a few more. Here is some classic car candy — enjoy! QUOTE: “I think that cars […]

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Amazing Night Sky (Space Shuttle & Cygnus Bubble)

I thought I was seeing things. I was about to slide into bed after being up late working on some images from a photo shoot when I saw it. It was an oblong bubble hanging in the eastern night sky. Surely I was seeing things, I thought. Once in bed, that bubble shone through the […]

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Watermelon Weekend

Today is nothing short of glorious. It’s really warm (hot), sunny with a bit of a breeze, and the entire weekend is forecast for much of the same. My day started with a positive bang: an editor of a national magazine contacted me to do a photo shoot for a story he’s covering. I’m delighted […]

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