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Monthly Archives: June 2009

A Different Perspective

  Diane is an on-location lifestyle photographer based from Grande Prairie serving all points in Alberta and northern BC. Visit Diane Schuller Photography.

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An Ordinary Day

Kelly from Design Ties and I had an email discussion about a week ago in which I wrote that I’m a bit tired of flower photos. I love flowers and I’ve taken hundreds-upon-hundreds of photos of them. But right now, I’m just not at all inspired by flowers. In fact, my tulips are blooming this […]

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Tulips n’ Dandelions

My tulips are blooming! Yes, finally my tulips are blooming and so are the dandelions. It just so happens, I don’t mind dandelions. In fact, I like them (hence my logo). If, unlike me, you do mind dandelions, I wrote about controlling dandelions in my last week’s environment column for Grande Prairie Ink! You can […]

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Old Dogs and Children and Watermelon Wine …

We had an emergency last night, having to take one of our dogs in to the vet clinic. Thankfully, she’s going to be okay. (Yes, that’s our Pearl cooling down in her kiddy pool.) Meet Pearl. She didn’t have an ideal beginning to her life. You know those fairy tales we read to our children […]

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Photographers: How to Approach Strangers

The first time I pointed my camera at a stranger and clicked the shutter, I simultaneously began to perspire and a feeling of near-panic came over me. I wondered if the person would stomp over and smash my camera, or scream at me, or who-knows-what. Well none of those things happened and I’m now more […]

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Wedding Photo DIY

On Monday I booked my first wedding. I’m both excited and full of anxiety — but more excitement than anything. Up until now I have had a firm policy that I will not do weddings. I tell people, and also have that statement on my website, that I don’t do weddings and strongly recommend hiring […]

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