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Technologically Challenged

winter-8985I bet you’re wondering why I have a photo of my dogs playing in the snow, right? One of the reasons is because we had snow overnight and it continues to snow today. I have no intention of going outside to take more snow photos so thought I’d pull out one I took earlier this winter. Maggie, our Springer Spaniel perplexes the two Australian Shepherds. She plays very differently than they do so they’re always cautious when playtime begins — they never know if she is playing or if she’ll attack them!

Dogs are so lucky; they live in the moment and don’t ever have to worry about how to learn or figure out the newest technologies. Their biggest concern is how many runs they’ll get each day and what time “mom” is going to feed them! But me, on the other hand, well technology seems to have taken over my life lately. I thought I was doing good ages ago when I tried figuring out how to use Photoshop Elements. Then along came Lightroom and I’ve been infatuated and thrilled to work in the digital darkroom ever since. My recent foray into rebuilding my website was wrought with one huge learning curve — actually more of an education in dealing with frustration & problem-solving. Thank heavens the company I used for my website template has such excellent customer service — I needed their assistance every single day and most days, multiple times.

Since it’s snowing today, I have time to figure out how to configure and use FTP (file transfer protocol) – egads! I’ve already had some headaches over that — actually the headaches were because I couldn’t understand the terminology used by those who write so-called how-to information for it.  Why do computer geeks think that all of us understand their weird terminology? So once I figure out my FTP dilemma, then it’s time to work on this blog. Thankfully, as I mentioned yesterday, Jennifer is still willing to help me with that! I’m hoping to have a blog as beautiful as hers. Trouble is, I have to learn more of this technological stuff. 

Now if all this isn’t bad enough, I tried using the brush in Photoshop Elements which is how I paste my watermark to my photos, but it won’t work right! I have no idea why the brush won’t work anymore. Yesterday I was experimenting in Photoshop trying to figure out how to use the clone tool (with zero success I might add) and now I can’t use the brush for my watermark. That’s why this photo has a cut/paste of my watermark banner. I have no idea where or how to begin figuring out how to get that brush working again so I can easily add my watermark. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Oh dear, technology. If only my life was as simple as that of my dogs.


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DesignTies - May 21, 2009 - 2:34 pm

Snow?? On May 12th?? That’s just so wrong!!!

Your dogs are beautiful 🙂 That’s a really fun shot of the three of them 🙂

Good luck getting everything sorted out. I’m really seriously technologically deprived, so half the stuff you’re trying to do, I could never figure out!!

Kelly @ DesignTies