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Honour Your Mother, Every Day

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers. ~Jewish Proverb

poetry book from Mom

It’s been two years since my Mom died. I still miss her immensely so tomorrow is not going to be easy for me. She knew she was dying and there was one thing she insisted I take before she died. It was a book of poetry she received decades ago as a gift. It was obviously something she treasured and wanted me to have. There’s a longer story to this but the important thing is that I have that book and I treasure it more than anything. I love her deeply and miss her intensely. Although I told her I loved her, showed her (though could have done more), I wish I had honoured her even more while she was alive. May you have a day filled with the treasures of motherhood and may you honour your Mother on her special day — and every day.

I love that I can sometimes hear her voice in mine. I hope others can see a part of her in me. {I was going to add a YouTube video here but don’t know how. Here is is: We Rise Again.}

PS: Thanks for the great input on social networking. Looks like we all agree — a waste of time!

PPS: I wasn’t able to get my new website ready for launch but watch on Monday for the big announcement and reveal — I think Monday is the day!!

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