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When Faced with Alternatives


the R.R. Venture coming in after a day at sea

the R.R. Venture coming in after a day at sea


by Robert Crawford

When you are faced with two alternatives

Choose both. And should they put you to the test,

Tick every box. Nothing is ever single.

A seed’s a tree’s a ship’s a constellation.

Nail your true colours to this branching mast.

Great advice whether in life or in our chosen career path, don’t you think?

Speaking of alternatives, do any of you use the social networking sites to further your business/career? I have solidly kept away from Twitter, Facebook, et al primarily because of the time commitment — I love life and would rather be enjoying and experiencing life than in front of a screen even more than present. I’ve seen those little excerpts from Twitter on some of the blogs and am astounded at the petty chatter so that’s been another good reason (in my view) to keep away. All that said, there are those who have found some of the social networking to be beneficial for business purposes. I don’t hear much on that end so if any of you have positive and measurable results from using social networking, I would love to hear about it. You see, as Mr Crawford advises regarding alternatives, perhaps I should reconsider and “choose both” — oh but I don’t have the time!

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