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A Fresh Start

Some of you, rightfully so, have convinced me to come clean about this mysterious news I mentioned yesterday. It’s all about a fresh start.


I will be re-launching my website with a whole new look! I’m so excited about the vastly improved online presence! It will be a welcoming space where I can proudly display my work. If I had more time this week, I would have had it up by week’s end but other commitments plus an upcoming few days out-of-town are keeping me from completing the new look. This is an important step for me and it feels so invigorating. You all will be the first to know — I’ll announce the official re-launch next week. I promise it will be special!

In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out how to move my logo onto a transparent background — if I don’t figure out how to do that, I may have to re-launch my site without my logo. UPDATE: Thanks to some instructions on eHow, I managed to fix that problem. Also, I am VERY sick with the flu so I’ll be out of communication for a while.

I mentioned that I’ll be out-of-town so I won’t be online from Thursday afternoon until Monday. I’ll be driving to Edmonton and while there I’m giving a writing workshop at a conference, arranging to have some furniture delivered, my granddaughter’s birthday, checking in with a potential client, and several other to-do’s. A busy few days once I get there.


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