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What we hear


Copyright © Diane Schuller. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Diane Schuller. All Rights Reserved.

This week I heard:

  • the return of the crows, “caw, caw”;
  • the dark-eyed juncos (I haven’t seen them yet but I hear them);
  • coyotes howling and yodeling each day and night;
  • an owl hooting outside our bedroom window in the middle of the night;
  • “Green onions” by Booker T and the MG’s … man I love that tune!
  • News, both good and bad, on the radio and TV;
  • Canada Geese returning north (but there’s no open land or water yet for them);
  • “Stranger on the Shore” … to me that melody sounds like what it would feel like to be floating on a calm sea in twilight;
  • heard that owl again, though he was further away from the farm this time;
  • My mother’s voice within mine when I chuckled to myself.

What did you hear this week?

PS: Last week I promised to do a brief post about one of the books that helped me the most in moving forward with my photography. Time has slipped away like a snail on wet glass so I hope you won’t mind waiting until after the Easter weekend. I promise to have the post ready to roll out after this long weekend.

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