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Dog Gone Weekend …

It’s been some time since I’ve shared photos of my dogs. Rather than inundate you with multiple photos, I did a pair of mosaics. Since I did these at BigHugeLabs, I can not control the positioning of their body/head in the thin strips. Here is the first mosaic:


Far Left: Austin, our male Australian Shepherd resting after lots of exercise (ol’ blue eyes)

Second from Left: a sepia of Pearl, also an Australian Shepherd — she is leaping against the tree to ‘try’ and get to an annoying squirrel

Third from Left: Austin again — intent on a squirrel (nice clean teeth)

Far Right: Austin doing one of his favourite activities: leaping in the air to catch snow when my husband is shoveling.

Below: the second mosaic that includes all three …


Maggie, Pearl & Austin

Maggie, Pearl & Austin

I also have a ‘dog blog’ for anyone who may be interested. It’s mostly about natural canine health and wellness plus a few other things tossed in now and again. Visit Dogs Naturally to see what it’s about. Have a fun filled weekend — head outside, soak up the fresh air, and have fun with your family and dog (if you have one). Dog gone it’s bound to be good!

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