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Storm has Brewed and is Percolating


I’m back from my relaxing and regenerative trip to the city. It’s storming or perhaps, more correctly, I should say we’re having a winter blizzard today. (The photo, however, is one from an early winter storm but today it is white everywhere with no dead grasses showing in the field. I don’t feel like going outside to get a photo to show you how intense it is — sorry!) It’s 15 below C, with a wind blowing so hard that the snow is running parallel to the ground, and drifting everywhere. My husband couldn’t get his car out of the garage this morning because there’s a 5 foot drift in front of the door. He was able to get the snowblower out the side door to make a pathway out to the highway and used the SUV to get to work. Just part of life north of 55.

I have a mountain of ironing to do, several work related projects to get done, and am finding writing inspiration from this book by Christina Baldwin.


Storycatcher: Making Sense of Our Lives through the Power and Practice of Story

“Story is the heart of language. Story emotionally moves us to love and hate and can motivate us to change the whole course of our lives. Story can lift us beyond the borders of our individuality to imagine realities of other people, times, and places; to empathize with other beings; to extend our supposing far into the universe. Storytelling — both oral tradition and written word — is the foundation of being human.” ~excerpt from cover jacket of Storycatcher

So tell me, what stories are you catching these days?

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