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Houston, we have a winner!

This has been such a wonderful week watching for and reading the wonderful responses as to what each person would put in their comfort drawer (or box). Some of you who participated already had a comfort drawer, some have now created one, and one of my buddies, Debi made a very special one for her mother. Please read her blog entry and see the photos she took of the comfort box and those of her mother opening the comfort box. It’ll warm your heart.


Digging for a winner!

Digging for a winner!


I wish I could send something to each and every person who shared their heartwarming responses but alas, I had to draw one lucky name on this St. Patrick’s Day. Drum roll please … the winner of the draw was our only gentleman who responded and his entry would put a soft sigh in anyone’s heart: Dave. (I’ll contact you by email right away Dave to get your mailing address so I can send your prize.)

Thank you to everyone who responded. Some responses made me laugh, some were creative, and others were touching. I’m even going to be taking a few of the ideas shared here as I put my comfort drawer together (especially those gummi bears!). I’ll be away for a few days so am leaving you with this image from my front yard just to prove that we are still very much in winter up here! Thank you to everyone for participating. We’ll have to do something like this again.

snow pile on caragana

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