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A Comfort Drawer

The other day while looking at some of the photos at Shutter Sisters I came across a lovely image and was immediately smitten when I read the description explaining the image. It was a comfort drawer. Apparently it’s actually an idea from the book Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joyin which the author suggests creating a comfort drawer to “stockpile small indulgences” for when comfort is needed. It should include items to pamper yourself, however you view pampering. I love that idea!


There was a fantastic old train case (about 12″ x 12″) that my mom had and now I wish I would have kept it. I would have put all my comfort items in that. Instead I’m going to create one in the drawer in my bedside headboard. I haven’t entirely decided upon everything that will go in there but I do know it will include items such as: a favourite book or two; something my mom gave me; a photograph of her; photos of my son & his young family; a chubby, smooth writing pen plus a pretty journal; my favourite handmade body lotion; maybe a piece of free trade chocolate; and I’m sure I’ll come up with other things certain to give me comfort.

So now I come to the part about the giveaway. Several weeks ago I was one of the lucky winners in a pay-it-forward by this lovely Canadian lady from her new blog. She mailed me a beautiful triptych she had photographed (below) and created, so now it’s my turn to pay-it-forward. Here’s how I’m going to do it:


a lovely and very unique triptych by Suvarna Mollerup

a lovely and very unique triptych by Suvarna Mollerup

  • Leave a message with this post telling me what you would put in your comfort drawer. Or, write a post about it at your own blog but leave a link to it here in the comments.
  • For anyone who makes a comfort drawer (put it in a basket or decorative box) and gives one to their mother (or other really deserving person), you get your name entered three times for my giveaway. So that I know you’ve created one to give away, please take a photo of it and leave the link to your photo here in this post.
  • Easy peasy right?
  • Right now, I’m thinking I’ll draw on St Patrick’s Day (March 17). That’s less than a week away. If I don’t get enough entries, I may move the date up a bit. Feel free to let others know about the giveaway (you do have to tell me what you would put in your comfort drawer — that’s the whole idea!) and don’t forget about tripling your chances by making a comfort box/drawer for someone really deserving, like your Mom.

If you’re wondering what the giveaway is, I’m keeping it a surprise the way Suvarna did. Hint: the giveaway will likely be an 8×10 of one of my images but I bet there will be something else too. We all love surprises don’t we?

Okay, so tell me what you would put in your comfort drawer and, better yet, go make one for your Mom (or other really deserving person). I can hardly wait to read the responses!

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