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What’s my play?

If any of you have played the post processing game by Laura at Dolce Pics, you’ll recognize that right away. If you aren’t familiar with “What’s Your Play?” it is a weekly photo challenge in which Laura posts one of her straight out of the camera (SOOC) shots and challenges others to play with it. The idea is to play with the post processing to come up with something other than the original. This is my first time playing What’s Your Play.

It was 42 degrees below zero this morning and, although it has warmed up, is still 27 degrees below zero. Instead of being productive doing other things, I felt this would be a good day to play with some post processing.



Laura's original sooc

Using Lightroom 2: for this first one I cut back the Exposure, increased the Blacks, lightly tapped up the Clarity, increased the Brightness, reduced the Saturation, warmed the Temp, played with the Hue in highlights, and added a strong Vignette. The result is a bit of an antique feel.

My first

My first 'play'


My second play

My second play

Using Lightroom 2: for this second play I changed the White Balance, tapped back the Exposure, increased the Contrast & Blacks, really increased Clarity, touched up the Vibrance & Saturation a bit, went back and increased Brightness somewhat but then needed to again increase Contrast. Played with the Tone Curve, then just ever so slightly with the Shadows, and to finish I added a hint of Vignette so it’s barely detectable. This was intended to be more enhancement rather than a different type of effect as the first one I did.

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