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After the Storm

Once again I’m responding to today’s post over at Shutter Sisters. Stephanie Roberts wrote a post about an exciting experience she had then ended it with this statement, “Show us something extraordinary today.”


snowdrift after the storm (that

snowdrift after the storm (that's a 6 ft high gate) behind the drift

Well do I have something most of you will find extraordinary. Living in such a remote and isolated area, I haven’t had as great an opportunity as Stephanie shared. But this weekend we experienced a raging snow storm with blizzard conditions producing a windchill factor of minus 50C (fifty degrees below zero). On the weekend I mistakenly told someone I thought the approximate windchill factor was about minus 40 but when I watched the news last night that’s when I learned the windchill factor had been minus 50 up here. This morning it is 37C below zero before any windchill factor — my weather facts and perhaps these images may well be something extraordinary to most of you!


top: during the storm; bottom: after

top: during the storm; bottom: after

With these two during / after photos, note that in the top image, that bar is the top of our 6 ft. high chainlink fence! Yes, that’s how high the drifts were.

My apologies for the poor quality of these photos: my fingers were getting frostbitten and it was bitterly cold trying to steady myself in the wind and cold, not to mention trying to focus.

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