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Fresh Face

Well, as you can see I’m trying on a new face. Once I went through the themes with light backgrounds, I found several that I liked. Some had a real classy look yet had a very narrow text box for photos and some had teeny tiny print that I was sure you’d curse me for! Then I found two that have a flexible width so I am really hoping when I try offering you the first of my monthly desktop wallpapers, it will ‘hold’ the size. This is going to be an experiment (in size) so if the images I’m offering end up pixelating then I’ll have to find a different way of offering them (either in a pdf document or by including them over at my website gallery). I know that in the past I have come across a few personal blogs like this that offer images and instead of right-clicking, you simply click on the image and it automatically downloads in full size. If any of you are far more web savvy than I am and know how to do this, please contact me to explain or share the coding process. See, I’m really in learning mode!

I plan to offer you a choice of two desktop wallpapers each month. The two images below in this post are yours to use and to brighten up your days. You are welcome to send others here as well to share in the colourful backdrop as we head towards spring. Right click to save it and then add it as your wallpaper.



** Please note: these images are being made available for personal use only. They are not to be used for commercial purposes.

On Thursday or Friday I will post about the giveaway and a couple of the things I taught myself so far this year. Sorry to scoot off … today I have a proposal to complete and submit, dogs to walk, and another interview to arrange. That means it’s time to get off the computer and get my bones off to work. Cheers!


{Reminder for those with dogs, I still write the occasional post over at Dogs Naturally.}

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