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Sunrise in the City

As promised, here’s one more image from my recent trip to Edmonton. It’s a shot of the sunrise and the other buildings reflected in the glass of the building across the street from the hotel where I stayed. Isn’t it beautiful?

Sunrise Reflections :: Copyright © Diane Schuller

Sunrise Reflections :: Copyright © Diane Schuller

I have good news. With my recent decision to spend less time on the Internet and with a renewed interest in the life that surrounds me, I’m experiencing my own sunrise of sorts. I’ve finally begun to revisit my fiction writing. It feels so good. It’s like a golden light filling that corner of my creative self. Really all I’ve done is give myself less time as a mouse-potato resulting in more time out experiencing the outdoors and real life. I highly recommend it.

I don’t plan on cutting out any of my other creative pursuits, particularly the photography. I’m just so pleased that my fiction has risen up to see the light of my days.

Remember I had mentioned at the beginning of the year I don’t do resolutions but definitely set goals? This year in my personal goals, I’ve been doing something very different: each month I have set out to learn or experience one new thing. Well I’m pleased to share that not only has that been an easy one to accomplish but (so far) I’ve been tackling more than one new thing in January and February. Unless I get sidetracked (which is entirely possible), the next post will demonstrate the results of another of my new self-taught lessons from February. (Oh yes, and I have a give-a-way coming up very soon … it’s really a pay-it-forward.)

What new thing have you taught yourself recently? Or, what new thing have you experienced recently?

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