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Something Fresh for March

I need your input.

I have decided I would like to offer you, my blog readers, a free desktop wallpaper for download every month beginning in March. Because I am limited to the size I can offer with this particular blog format, it has me considering a slight change. This is where I need your input please.


Cyclamen © Copyright Diane Schuller. All Rights Reserved.

Cyclamen © Copyright Diane Schuller. All Rights Reserved.



To be able to ‘drop in’ a suitably sized image for you to download once each month, I would have to change the particular blog theme so that it can handle a larger sized image (in dimension and pixels). So, are you open to seeing a facelift here? If I do a facelift to the blog I’m still limited to using the standard WordPress templates, especially since I have no idea how to customize blog themes. You are the ones coming to view the photos and read the blog, so I felt I’d give you the opportunity for input on this. Would you like to see a fresh perky white or light background? I thought it might be nice with Spring soon upon us anyway. I really like how the black background allows the photos to stand out, although white can do the same thing. So, here are the two real questions for which I need a response:

  1. Would you be interested in a free downloadable desktop wallpaper (a new one available each month)?
  2. Would you like to see a change in theme with a white or other light background (even if only for the spring & summer months)?

If you have other suggestions how I could conveniently offer the free downloadable photos each month, I’d love to read your suggestions. Also, if you have any other suggestions about the blog theme (how the blog looks), bearing in mind I haven’t a clue how to customize using CSS (whatever that is) or HTML.


PS: This is blog post 2 of 2 for today! … just in case you missed the one below.

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