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Everyone is Beautiful

When it comes to photography, Shutter Sisters is definitely one of my inspirations. It’s also a great connection with other women who are passionate about their photography. Over the weekend, I was tickled to discover they linked to one of my images (the word “inspiring” in their first paragraph) in the post that announced the winner of the One Word Project (remember I joined in the project and chose the word “Open” as my inspirational word?).


Well Shutter Sisters is at it again. For the month of March, SS has chosen the word “Beautiful” to be the inspirational word for all members as we’re going about our daily lives, camera-in-hand. There are some great prizes offered too! Just in case you would like to participate (or be a future sponsor), I’ll link to the March One Word Project so you can check out all the details. It’s easy as clicking a shutter so I hope you’ll join in as well.

Beautiful: a husband still very much in love with and proud of his

Beautiful: a husband still very much in love with and proud of his 'bride'

{This is a photo that I have done some post processing with: removing some of the brilliant colour to add a more aged effect, rather than converting to sepia for instance.}


Lomographic Holga Starter Kit

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