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Getting Behind

Partly because I have finally found the ideal site for posting a-photo-a-day photoblog but also because I have so many other responsibilities (not to mention several dog walks each day :-)), I’m falling behind.

I’ll be unavailable all day tomorrow and, as usual, I seldom go on the computer over the weekend. So I wanted to wish everyone an enjoyable weekend. May you have fun times with family and friends and may you be rejuvenated in whatever you do.


For those who have asked, my new photoblog is going to be a permanent installment but I must admit it’s much easier than blogging because I can post several photos in advance and it automatically posts them without me even being on the computer — talk about convenience! So, I will continue with this blog though my time spent blogging may be less than it has been. (I’ve also had a lot of Internet problems lately — very slow and lots of crashes.)

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

PS: For those who are interested in checking out this great photoblog community or perhaps in starting your own photoblog, visit Aminus3. I love the format and that it has specifically been created to showcase photographs.

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