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Part one January 20th

Today is all about organizing and clean up. 

I have finally found a suitable online showcase for my photos. I’ve mentioned before how limiting this blog is in terms of size of photo that is allowed. When the photos are compressed to such a small size, so much detail is lost. For anyone who visits here especially to view my photos, I have just registered for a new Photoblog. At the new photoblog, my photos most days will not be accompanied by words, except for the occasional quote. You will notice the photos themselves at the photoblog are larger in format so won’t be as flat as they appear here. Unlike this one, the photoblog will feature a single new photo each day.

Some of you are already aware of my online gallery at my website. I’ve been adding to that gallery and changing things around a bit lately. If you wish to visit my website gallery, for best viewing each time you enter a ‘room’ (category) I highly recommend you click the “Slideshow” button located at the bottom of your screen. You’ll see a great difference by viewing them that way rather than by the small thumbnails.

Whether visiting here, the new Photoblog, or my website gallery, each one has simple one-click availability to subscribe to updates through RSS (whether in your reader or direct to your email). I’ve recently learned how to use RSS to subscribe to blogs (I know, must be the dinosaur in me!) and what a great convenience.

I’ve been doing a lot of reorganization lately and that includes my home office. It feels so good to have completely revamped my office and get things off the floor and up where they’re accessible! Have you been organizing, reorganizing, or do you have general organization tips you’d like to share?

{PS: This is post 1 of 2 for today. With the Presidential Inauguration today down in the USA, I can’t possibly let that historical day go by without a second post dedicated to this momentous occasion in history.}

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