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Shaking off Cabin Fever


tag, you

tag, you're it! ... no, you're it!

What a huge relief in the weather on Saturday! And what made it even better than having a minus 14 degree day bathed in sunshine was our neighbour coming over and plowing out our driveway! Even the dogs were excited to be able to move without bulldozing through a couple feet of snow.





whoa ... is that a deer I smell out there? ...

whoa ... is that a deer I smell out there? ...


minus 12 is so warm! I

minus 12 is so warm! I'm going to soak up the rays

As you can see, the dogs found great relief in this warm weather. Sure beats minus 24 or minus 35!

I took 90-some photos on this single outing on Saturday! (But we were outside a LOT on Saturday.) Got a few gems too. I posted one over at Flickr already but will dribble a few in here and there.

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. Our Saturday was definitely a chance to shake off some of the cabin fever our household has been experiencing.

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