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A Year of Moving Forward

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I do set goals for myself, however.

Most of the time my goal setting is related to my writing and now with my photography. Those are all good & necessary things, of course. When I was visiting a few Flickr friends the other day I was struck by one of the beautiful photos of a lovely paper Parisian peace crane. Granted, the photo of it was what struck me at first. But, like cupid’s arrow, its ‘potion’ shot deep inside me. There was a stirring within me as if that peace crane was fluttering about, nudging me to comprehend what it was telling me.

The next thing I did was to Google “peace crane” to see if there might be instructions on the Internet on how to make these lovely origami creations. Sure enough, I found oodles of instructions, many of which are also in video format. So, that leads me to what I plan to include in 2009 as a resolution of sorts.

My 2009 resolutions (a better term would be challenges or intentions) will be monthly and, although I’m sure most will be of a creative nature, they will all teach me something or move me forward in some way. January’s resolution (challenge/intention) is to teach myself to make origami peace cranes. Who knows, if I get good enough at making them, I may be able to gift them to others.

Each month in 2009 I will select something to learn or do in that month. I’ll post them here and provide photos of the results of each of my monthly resolutions (challenges/intentions). Tell me, what are you resolved to do — I mean really do — in 2009?


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