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So cold

It continues to be in the minus 30’s and warming in the minus 20’s during the day.


Depending upon the time of day, the snow has different colour casts. I’ve chosen not to remove the natural tints to demonstrate that cold and snow have different colours. You can see more examples of this in my Flickr photos to the right (see the ones with that almost peach tone).

cold_home-8826wtrmarkThis is where the wild animals such as deer, moose, and elk seek shelter from the bitter winds.

cold_home-8830wtrmarkTurned the corner and I’m almost home.

cold_home-8836wtrmarkMade it! I’m home.

Have you had enough of the cold yet? Next time I’ll tell you about my resolutions for 2009 (and none of them have anything to do with losing weight or any of those standards).


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