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Monthly Archives: January 2009

One Word February: Open

There’s an exciting challenge over at one of my favourite places, Shutter Sisters. There is a photo challenge I plan to participate in for the month of February. The idea is to choose a single word, live by it, and photograph images during the month that speak to you of that chosen word. My word […]

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  I’m having a more difficult time hitting pay dirt than this determined woodpecker! I’ve strugged with my Internet connection trying to create a post yet keep getting kicked back every time I try. Where I live, high speed Internet is not available. After a few years of frustration on dial-up I learned about these […]

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Getting Behind

Partly because I have finally found the ideal site for posting a-photo-a-day photoblog but also because I have so many other responsibilities (not to mention several dog walks each day :-)), I’m falling behind. I’ll be unavailable all day tomorrow and, as usual, I seldom go on the computer over the weekend. So I wanted […]

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A few things about me

I write; I photograph; I’m a wife, mother & grandmother; I love tasty food and make lots by scratch; I care a lot for the environment and nature; so I love animals; I love morning & evening light; gentle breezes; the best wine; the rhythms of the sea; the scent of water; and laughter. I’m […]

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America, America

Today is when the world stands together, in the light, to see what we thought we’d never see, and when we all unite behind the new President of the United States of America. Perfection does not come easily or by wishing, but when everyone stands together, positive change occurs. “Perfection is achieved, not when there […]

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