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Picture This

One of the things I love photographing are animals, whether domestic or wild. I’ve mentioned before how much I appreciate that animals live in the moment so they’re not worried about how they look, what angle you’re wanting, or whether their hair is mussed!

This lovely gal didn’t have to worry about mussed hair did she? Though you will see a bit of mussed hair in a photo of another beauty a bit further down in this post.


In the case of dogs and cats, I do my photo shoots on location: either in the client’s home or at a park or other outdoor area. The important thing is for me to blend in so I can catch those quiet moments or the ones where they’re being frisky and full of spunk.


I love the way Henry’s lip is caught in this shot. He was continually on the go and had the most wonderful expressions every time he’d stop and re-assess his surroundings.

Of course, I love photographing other beautiful creatures equally as well.


If you’d like to see more photos of dogs, horses, other critters, and wildlife, click those links to view a small sample I have posted at Flickr. If you live in Alberta or British Columbia and would like for me to come take photos of your pets, please contact me (see the sidebar for my ‘coordinates’). Enjoy!

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