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How many of you actually remember that soft drink? I was never one for soft drinks but, as a kid, I always loved their logo. Speaking of logo, I finally have a logo for my photography business. I likely won’t begin using it on my photos and adding it here until next week (need to learn the in’s and out’s of applying it). Now for a different sort of 7-up below.


Jamie at Umbrellablog tagged me for sharing 7 random or unusual things about myself. I am breaking with my rule about participating in these but I decided to participate but minus the tagging. Thank you for thinking of me Jamie. I thought it may be a good idea to share more about me other than just the photography. So here’s my 7-up!



  • I’m an only child and I only had one child.
  • I am deeply and innately drawn to bodies of water: ocean in particular, but also rivers, lakes, streams.
  • I’m also a writer and, in addition to the short stories, a few poems, and numerous magazine articles published, I’ve also won two writing contests in which my stories were produced for radio.
  • I’ve survived cancer but lost my dear and precious mother to cancer.
  • We have three dogs and feed them a species-appropriate meat-and-bones diet.
  • I’ve been environmentally friendly for decades and for the past two years have written a weekly environment column for a local newspaper.
  • I live in a rural northern area of Alberta and miss being near the city VERY much; I do enjoy country living but we’re much too far away from any urban centre.



where we live

where we live

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