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You Could Win One of These

As promised, here’s your opportunity to win an 8 x 10 of one of my prints. I’ve struggled for the past year deciding whether or not to set up shop at Etsy. The main thing that has held me back is the time involved in responding to any orders, packaging, and getting things off to the post office in an efficient and prompt manner.


I’ve decided to give it a try although in a small way to start. I’m thinking I’ll ‘open up shop’ with a single series or perhaps a pair of prints. I’m considering a poppy series but, based on previous input, have included several other photos of various subjects. Here is where you come in.

I’ve got some of the images online in my viewing gallery and need your input. From the input I receive in this specific post, I will make a draw in two weeks from now on Friday, December 5th, 2008 from all the names accompanied with suggestions in this post. To be eligible for this free print (and I do have a second prize in mind but that will be a surprise), here’s what you do:

  1. Visit my online gallery in the “Possibles” (link will be provided below) and BE SURE to click on the “Slideshow” button located in the bottom navigation bar (that will allow you to get a look at what the 8 x 10’s will look like).
  2. Pick a pair of photos┬áthat you personally like best and they don’t have to go together as a pair (what you are especially drawn to the most). Make note of the file numbers so you can let me know your picks. (File numbers are visible when you go back to the grid view)
  3. Come back to this post and leave the numbers of your picks in the comments — be certain to leave a link to your blog/website or your email (add spaces to thwart the spammers) so I can contact you should you be the winner.
  4. Let others know — the more input I get from a variety of people, the better chance I have of starting my shop with the People’s Favourite.
  5. Now head over to the Possibles gallery.

A few other notes:

  • The winner will be picked at random from all the entries in this post.
  • The winner will be able to select their 8 x 10 from any of the photos in the gallery.
  • The print will be mounted but not framed.
  • My watermark will not appear on the print but I will sign the back.
  • Only one entry per person to make it fair for everyone.
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