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Self Portrait Challenge from Kelly Rae Roberts

At this very moment it is minus 22. The reason that is important will be revealed as you read on.

Today over at Shutter Sisters, as the title suggests, we have been challenged to create a diptych self portrait. In today’s post Jen Lemen gave us these guiding principles:

“Today’s challenge is simple: go outside. Hold your camera down a bit and capture a shot of yourself with the sky as your backdrop. Then point your camera down and capture your feet on the ground. Put the images together to create a lovely diptych that reveals a small, telling moment in your day.”

So, despite the minus 22 (yes that’s 22 below) I bundled up like the Goodyear blimb and froze my fingers to take some not-so-great photos to comply with this challenge. The tough part was taking the head shot with all the layers I had to wear plus a heavy parka, no mittens, and short arms. I got a few that were focused but it only caught my glasses or forehead so that wouldn’t have worked … since I thought I should at least attempt to show a portion of my parka, this was the best I had to offer. Horrible.


surprise! I switched out the headshot -- headshot is gone ๐Ÿ™‚

This is pretty exceptional for me because I really dislike self portraits — they always look awful. This one (my first) out in minus 22 is no exception ๐Ÿ™‚ And just so I don’t disappoint anyone with this horrible self portrait (I don’t mind the boots but the head – egad!), please stay tuned because in the next day or two I will be announcing a CONTEST — you could WIN one of two great giveaways.


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