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An Attitude of Play

Living on a remote rural farm I miss the company of people. Perhaps that’s partly why I enjoy blogging but also why I embrace every opportunity to do a photo shoot that takes me to someone else’s home or location. At this time of year, now that the yard and fields beyond are blanketed with snow, with many more layers yet to come, I balk at the added confinement.


This year I’m trying something different as we enter this confining season — I’m drawing on every element of positive thinking in an attempt to break into the season with an attitude of playfulness. Much like this pair of horses I photographed while on a photo shoot this past autumn.


Or in the way Henry, the American Bulldog, was so frisky during a delightful hour long photo shoot this past October (sorry this first one of him is blown out … I should have done some post processing to enhance it, but you get the idea!)

Henry, American Bulldog


Unlike these frisky dogs and horses, I know what is to come but they are totally in the moment. There really is truth to the benefits of living in the moment, isn’t there? I’ll have to try thinking less of my confinement and more about the beauty that is within these four walls (though I still envy everyone who lives in or near the city — any city.) 🙂

ready, set ...

ready, set ...


got it!!

got it!!

I took this one day-before-yesterday while my husband was shoveling snow — Austin is crazy about leaping after the snow.

(Don’t forget about the contest coming up … I’ll likely make the announcement Friday morning.)

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