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Still Photography

The first thing that likely comes to mind when you hear the term still photography is photos of inanimate objects that are not live subjects, such as food, ornaments, furniture, and all manner of a world of objects. The weather-worn dove gracing the top of a gravestone that I shot below is a prime example of still life.


{photo taken at the Valhalla Cemetery, Valhalla, Alberta}

Still life is always a very cooperative subject for a photographer; the object is eternally posing and well, still. Although not at all considered still life, this photo taken earlier in the summer is one I humorously refer to as a dog being still (soaking in her cool pool after a rigorous workout).

Cooling off, being still

Cooling off, being still

I very much enjoy the challenge of taking photos of live, moving and far-from-being-inanimate subjects. Whether it’s people, pets, livestock, or some sort of vehicle.


I’ve been fortunate that some of my photos have been published in a few newspapers and in horse and dog magazines, though I am always seeking out additional opportunities. If you have a photographic need, I have the cameras.

{This post is another participating in Springtree Road’s November in Black & White.}

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