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Life laughing at us …

When taking photos of pets or livestock, one of the challenges is as simple as catching them at the right moment. Often that means following along walking, half-jogging, and with the lens stuck firmly in front of your face! 


Pearl and Maggie, autumn

Pearl and Maggie, autumn

That way, when the dog or dogs are in a position you think works,  you’re ready to snap away. It’s often easier taking real action shots of animals because they’re usually performing in a confined space. That way, as the person on the other end of the lens you can set yourself up in a spot or easily move around and reset … then simply snap, snap, snap.

I laughed when I took this photo and realized a large poplar leaf was stuck on the hip of Maggie, the Springer. Although Pearl is the focus of this photo with Maggie intended as an echo, the laugh is on me with that leaf creating a new focus. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes life has a laugh on us.

Sure I could erase it out in Lightroom2 or Photoshop but I like it there as a reminder of the serendipity of life.

Show me one of those shots where you thought you had it right but then something surprising showed up in the final image. If you don’t have an image to show me, tell me about one.

{Pet photo taken in natural light NW of Hythe, Alberta – Canada}

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