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Lest we Forget


Today I didn’t make the drive to the city to take in the Remembrance Day ceremonies though I did watch the CBC special plus the Remembrance Day ceremonies from Ottawa. Ever since I was real young I’ve always been touched by the ceremonies and the reasons behind this important day.

On October 30th, on my way home from running errands in town, I drove by and was compelled by some inner stirring to stop at a cemetery that I’ve driven past numerous times. I unpacked my camera, got out of my vehicle and began walking through the old rural cemetery. There isn’t anyone buried there whom I knew that I know of, it was simply one of those moments when a person feels impelled to do a certain thing.


Occasionally a songbird of some sort could be heard from across the road, the sun was shining as if to welcome me, the air was crisp and clean.

I took several photos that day, most of them of the worn and cracked gravestones and some of the worn embellishments. The photo of this stone was purely to capture the thoughtful words some loved one left behind as their loving thoughts.


I love the act of taking photos, the visual result, and like the gravestones in that cemetery, the photos are a remembrance of that day and time.

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