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Horse Photo Mosaic

Horses symbolize power, vitality and freedom. Cave art from the Ice Ages depict wild horses and cattle as the most important subjects. In fairy tales horses embody prophetic creatures with magical powers. Psychological symbology interprets horses as noble and intelligent (which they are), though easily frightened or disturbed.

I’ve always loved horses and miss having them in my life. The beauty now is that I can capture other people’s horses with my lens for them to treasure. Autumn has slipped away up here so today I put together this simple mosaic remembering the warm but windy day these friendly equines allowed me to mingle among them, inhaling their earthy scent and pressing against their soft, yet prickly muzzles.

If you have horses or livestock you’d like me to capture through my lens, give me a call. If you live near Grande Prairie, Hythe, or anywhere in the Peace River region of Alberta, I welcome a drive through this beautiful countryside. I also have gift certificates available if you have someone with a horse who would love to have special photos taken of their equine steed.

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