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Ordinary Miracles

Ever since I was a child I’ve been drawn to the ordinary. There’s always been an innate sense urging me to pay close attention. It’s funny though if you think of it, everything that is ordinary really is rather extraordinary.

For me my mother was, and still is, an ordinary miracle — she lives on in the eyes and soul of her daughter. Surely the reason I am the woman I am is because of her (now resting in peace and remembered with her heartwarming smile).


The snapshot of my mom is just that, an ordinary snapshot. It doesn’t have to be professional or using the techniques of a serious photographer. What matters is that it exists and serves as a permanent image and reminder of one very special moment bearing significance to me.

What sorts of ordinary miracles have you discovered today, or lately?

Would you like me to come and photograph them with you, or for you? For all of you living beyond Alberta, contact a local photographer to come and take those magical ordinary moments for you. If you too are a photographer I hope you will capture your ordinary miracles.

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